Fixed prostheses: crown, bridge, onlay

A fixed dental prosthesis (crown) restores the aesthetic appearance of a damaged or colored tooth. It also acts to protect the tooth.

If you are missing one or more teeth we can design a dental bridge (bridge) to replace these for you, and to fill the space. This is made from one or more artificial teeth attached to two abutments at each end of the bridge. These abutments can be either healthy natural teeth, specially prepared to receive crowns to which the artificial teeth are attached, or or they can be dental implants.

Inlays and onlays are indirect restorations. These are created outside the mouth and then cemented onto their place on the tooth itself.

Removable prosthetic (denture)

Removable dentures can be either complete or partial.

When there are no teeth left at all, these are replaced by a resin prosthesis, which is secured in place, as far as possilbe across the extent of the adherent mucous membrane, through the occurrence of “suction”.

When there are still a few teeth remaining, a partial prosthesis can be made either in resin or with a metal base. This prosthesis lies across the mucous membrane and the remaining teeth, to which it is fixed on to crowns by brackets or clasps.

These days these types of prostheses are often replaced by a prosthesis placed on implants.

Dental treatments