Dr. Gabriela Andrade

Master in dentistry

Basic Education

Primary, secondary and high school studies in Portugal
University studies in University of Porto (Portugal): I.S.C.S.-N (CESPU – 2008)

Professional experience

Professional internship at several hospitals in Porto, Portugal (2006)
Professional internship at CESPU University dental clinic (2006)
Clinical director and owner of a dental practice in Portugal, general practice and implantology (2009)
General practice and implantology in a dental practice in France (Paris; Ambilly – 2012)
Orthodontics in a dental office in Switzerland (Payerne – 2017)
General practice and orthodontics in a dental office in Luxembourg (Luxembourg; Rumelange – 2019)

Post-graduate course

Training course in implantology and oral rehabilitation on implants (C.F.Fernando Almeida; CEPG – Portugal)
Master in endodontics (Endoacademy, Portugal)
Hyaluronic acid injection techniques for wrinkle filling, lip contour and volume. Botulinum toxin injection techniques: application in dentistry (Prof. Joao Cerveira from Harvard’s University)
Ortho 500 course at the University of Geneva (UNIGE, Switzerland)
Master in Invisalign (Portugal)
Course in orthodontics and dental-maxillofacial orthopaedics (IPAS, Portugal)
Orthodontic’s Viesid philosophie course (University of Austria)
Orthodontic’s FACE philosophy course (Prof. Domingo Martin S.Sébastian, Spain, Portugal)
Bio-physiological orthodontic training by Dr. Patricia Vergara (Colombia)
Orthodontics: diagnosis and treatment with gummetal arches (Prof. Roberto Velasquez)
Dentofacial orthopaedic formation (Prof. Hélio Venâncio, Brazil)
Orhtodontics: dental and skeletal asymmetry; deep bite and gummy smile correction (Prof. Chris Chang)